Cervical Traction Set

IMI-2745 CERVICAL TRACTION SET With  (Wall Mounting):

Cervical Traction Set to apply Continuous Cervical Traction with weight plates. Wall mounting.

* Traction unit: 75mm long, is made out of M.S. tube of 70 x 20mm. & welded with a square wall plate. 

* Two nylon pulleys are fitted within the pipe for friction-free movement of traction rope.

* Complete set comes with a simple to use Head Halter, Spreader bar, nylon cord & a weight carrier & weights.

* Weights: Set of 9 weight plates, 7 of 1kg each & 2 of 0.5kg each. 

* Total weight about 09kg with weight carrier.

* Finish: Powder coated finish and comes with wall fixing hardware.