Deluxe Sauna Cabin Taap Swedan Yantra

Imi-2246 Deluxe Sauna Cabin Taap Swedan Yantra

Royal Sauna Wooden Cabin with Two full-length Benches has thermally insulated ceiling and wall sections, and is made of Teak-wood with optimum characteristic for use in high temperature and gives cosy atmosphere. The cabin is fitted with digital Heat controls. Suitable for Two persons.   


* Internal Cabin Size: 190cm wide x 150cm deep x 195cm high inside, approx. 
* Outside Cabin Size: 198cm wide x 158cm deep x 213cm high from outside, approx. 
* Construction: Inside, Teak wood panelling over hard-wood grid.     : Outside, covered with
Teak-ply.     : Door, fitted with clear acrylic / plastic window & door closer. 
* Benches: Two-layer of full-length Teak wood benches for two persons.     
* Sauna Heater: 6Kw Heater/Stove, provided with wooden stove guard. 
* Timer; 00 to 60 minutes, with Auto Timer cut-off system 
* Control Panel: Fitted outside the Cabin with Digital Temperature indicator cum controller to control inside Temperature. 
* Finish: Natural wood polish finish. 
* Accessories: Internal light, Wooden Head Rests, Sauna Rocks, Thermometer, Hygrometer, Stainless steel Bucket & Wooden ladle. No extras are needed. 
 (Three Phase 440V.AC power supply is required, and Room will be assembled at destination.)