High Low Treatment Table 3 Sections With Retractable Casters

IMI 3115 High Low Treatment Table 3 Sections With Retractable Casters 

Variable height, Three-section table with Retractable casters is suitable for Examination, Treatments, including Manipulation. Both ends elevate so that the back or legs can be raised without turning the patient. Top adjusts in Height for Sit-to-Stand treatments & easy access & Transfer of patients from Wheelchairs.  


  • Construction: Heavy Steel Frame, with heavy-duty '8' bush-bearings for easy Operation.  
  • Top: Upholstered, Size 200cm long x 68cm wide. Height adjustable.   
  • Headrest: Can be continuously adjusted in height with Gas-Spring. Headend with Breathing Hole & Plug can also be lowered to -20 deg. for some postural drainage & manipulation techniques  
  • Backrest: Backrest elevates (up to 60 degrees) so that the Back can be raised for manipulation techniques & more comfortable sitting.    
  • Height: Table height is adjustable from 48cm to 98cm. The table provides smooth, quiet lift with Handheld switch.   
  • Lifting System: Fitted with the extremely powerful motor (imported, jack system) that safely accommodates heavy Patients (120kg). And ensures rapid and noiseless height adjustments with handheld switch.   
  • Mobility: Mounted with retractable casters for easy movement. 
  • Finish: Powder coated Frame, beautifully finished.   
  • Power: Unit Operates on 220V AC.