IMI 1301 Fiber-optic Light with Source

IMI-1301 FIBER-OPTIC LIGHT with SOURCE (300 Strands x 1 to 2m Long):

Fiber-Optic Light with Source is highly recommended for development of colour recognition and cause & effects skills because of its four colour controller. The tactile LED fiber optics can be placed on the users lap for a close, hands on experience. 

* Strands; 300 Fiber optics strands are 1mm thick x 01 to 02 meter long. Strands does not get hot as there is no current or heat through strands.

* Colours; Strands colours (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow) can be changed with the remote in a sequence or in static mode.

* Source; LED source is fitted inside the wall mounting unit for the safety of clients. 

* Power; High Power Source has long life span & has a very low power consumption.

* Unit works on 220V AC/50Hz..