IMI-1305 Mirror Ball Bundle With Pin-spot

IMI-1305 Mirror Ball Bundle With Pin-spot and  ROTATING MOTOR for Sensory Room:

The Mirror Ball bundle includes One Mirror Ball, Two pin spotlights (Red & Blue), One rotating motor with remote control for LED lights. When the spotlight is focused on the Ball, the reflections of light cast around the room to create a magical atmosphere for sensory-motor integration treatment. 


  • Mirror Ball; Glass Tiles studied ball of 30 cm diameter, tiles reflects light to create hundreds of mirrored reflections around the room.
  • Motor; Motor to rotate the mirror ball at a fixed speed, about 2RPM.
  • Pin-Spot Light; Two Pin-Spot lights (Red & Blue) are fitted on two sides of Mirror ball.
  • LED lights with remote control are fitted on top of the ball.
  • Mounting; Bundle comes with wall fixing board & bolts.
  • Power: The LED lights, rotating mechanism and the pin spotlights plugs into a standard 220v AC outlet.