IMI-1342 Sensory Learning Wall Panels

IMI-1342 Sensory Learning Wall Panels/Sensory  Play Station/Busy Board.

Sensory learning wall panels develop Tactile, Visual and an Acoustic experience, it promotes fine motor skill building and reinforce eye/hand coordination, colour recognition, tactile stimulation, logical thinking, focus and concentration, participation, interaction, motor skills, to introduce Cause & Effect, encourage success, calm and distract negative behaviour, and open up a window of communication and connection.

  • Wall Panel have 03 Boxes of 120 cm x 120 cm x 15 cm deep to form a long sensory wall panel.
  • Panel Boxes are made of well-polished 18 mm thick ply-board.
  • Top of Panel Boxes is made of 18 mm thick White MDF Composite Wood, water & termite-proof.


Gadgets fixed on Sensory Wall Panel:

  • Full length track on all boards with Six Tracking Disks & destination spots.
  • Construct a Clock with magnetic Numbers in different shapes & colours.
  • Large Abacus with 25 mm thick beads.
  • Acrylic Tunnel, 1 meter long with 10 racing balls of different colours.
  • Road Signals(Red, Yellow & Green) with a Rotary Switch to move the signals.
  • LED Chain Board with magic lights, 45 cm high.
  • Wooden Gears, 3 Interlinked Gears of 15 cm in diameter & finished in different colours.
  • Matrix Boards set with programmed 4 Pen Drives to teach Counting, Alphabet, and Geometric Shapes, & Cartoon Films.
  • LED Rotating Light Circle of 15 cm diameter fitted with Bell Switch.
  • Tactile Stimulation, Four 15 cm round disks with fine to coarse surfaces.
  • Audible Stimulation, Squeezing Cycle Horn, Electric Bell, & Plates are provided to create different sounds.


Floor Mats, A set of 8 EVA foam mats are provided to cover 32 sq. feet area. 

  • Panel is mountable on the wall at a low height for easy access of children.
  • Overall Size; Measure approximately 360 cm long x120 cm High x 15 cm Deep.
  • Panel comes with wall fixing hardware.
  • The Sensory Wall Panel operates on 240V AC transformed to 12v.