IMI-1440 BOLT-BOARD SET (Two-Layer, Assembly Task)

IMI-1440 BOLT-BOARD SET (Two-Layer, Assembly Task)

This hand tool test measures proficiency in using ordinary mechanics tools. The object is for the subject to disassemble all the bolts from one upright & re-assemble them on the corresponding rows of the other upright with the heads of the bolts inside.   
  • This type of skill is important in many different factory jobs. 
  • The test consists of different tools, Spanners Set - 1, Screw Driver - 1, and Plier - 1. 
  • Two Laminated uprights with 12 holes of different sizes on each side are provided with a storage box.   
  • Bolts & Nuts, 12 bolts of 50mm length with suitable nuts & washers are provided in three diameters (12mm, 9mm & 6mm).   
  • Finish; Bolts & Nuts are Zinc-plated & Wooden Box finished in natural polish.