IMI 1512 Vestibulator-swing System With 5 Swings

Vestibulator-swing System With 5 Swings

Vestibular / Swing System with 5 different types of swings, provides a wide range of therapy modules for Vestibular, Neuro-developmental and Sensory Integration therapy. The system provides vertical stimulation and direct flexion, linear acceleration, rotational experiences and complete range of motion exercises.  Swing System includes the following:   

  • Construction: Durable metal frame of 50mm square tube with 2mm wall thickness, Legs are of 38mm round tubes of 2.5mm wall thickness, with required nuts & bolts.    Rotational Bar: Ball-bearing loaded, a 360-degree vertical rotation system for a smooth, unrestricted range of movement to create vertical & rotational stimulation at the same time. Rotational Bar comes with locking facility. 
  • Swings:
  • Plate form Swing. 
  • Roll Swing.
  • Disk Swing.
  • Toddler Swing.
  • Prone Swing (Hammock) 45cm wide. Swings come with suitable ropes & ascenders. 
  • Mattress: 5cm thick Foam Mattress for the safety of children. 
  • Finish: Powder coated finish in off-white colour.