IMI 1887 Activity Fun Gym Indoor

IMI-1887 Activity Fun Gym, Indoor.

Activities at "Activity Fun Gym" aid the development of Arm & Shoulder Muscles in Children thus improving motor skills and coordination, also helps the children to develop Body awareness, Co-operation Skills, balance skills, spatial awareness as well as effective and cognitive skills. This "Activity Fun Gym" combines all the classic favorites found on the Playground and puts them inside your Facility.

Fun Gym is equipped with: 

  • Stationery Ladders: Two  
  • Removable Ladder: One 
  • Monkey Bars Frame: One  
  • Ramp & Roll System: One, with Rope & one Padded Board with Wheels.  
  • Rope Ladder: One, with 6 Rungs. (45 cm Wide)  
  • Climbing Wall: One, with 14 Hand Holds, can be fixed at different heights.  
  • Frame Work: All the Ladders mentioned above are hardwood constructed with oval-shaped rungs for Better Grip-Hold. Unit is provided with two wall Boards for fixing to the Wall. 
  • Activity Mattresses (10 cm Thick): Two, for Safety of the Children.