IMI 2725 Akay Hi Trac Unit with 8 Traction Modes with Bed

AKAY Hi-Trac Traction Unit with Eight Traction Modes; comes with a Three Section fixed Height Bed with storage Cabin. The micro-computer controlled unit for Lumbar-cum-Cervical Traction is based on solid-state circuitry. TECHANICAL SPECIFICATION:

* Therapy Modes: EIGHT, Progressive-Regressive, Intermittent, Static, Cyclic and combination thereof for Lumber or Cervical Traction. 

* Memory/Programme: "30" Treatment Patterns can be programmed & stored in non-volatile memory. (24 Programmes are feeded and six programs are Free).

* Traction Force: Adjustable from 05 kg to 60 kg.

* Base Force: Adjustable from 00 kg to 54 kg.

* Traction Hold Time: Adjustable from 00 to 99 Sec

* Base Trac Hold Time: Adjustable from 00 to 99 Sec

* Treatment Time: Continuously adjustable from 00 to 99 minutes, with acoustic signal & automatic reduction of traction force.

* Displays: Digital display of Traction Force, Base Force, TF Hold Time, BF Hold Time, Treatment Time & Graphical Display of Trac. Mode.

* Auto-Tension-adjustment: The set traction force is automatically maintained throughout the operation.


  1, Automatic System Check-in Soft-ware on the start of traction.

  2, Program Error: Error in programming is displayed/signalled on the panel.

  3, High Force: High-Force Signal is activated if the Traction force is set for more than 18kg.

  4, High-Force Acceptance: Acceptance of High Force is required before the start of treatment.

  5, Automatic Tension release when emergencies occur. The patient can Stop with a handheld switch.

* Couch/Bed: Fixed Height-50mm, foam padded top is divided into three sections. The Head section has an adjustable incline

* Accessories: Adjustable Flexion Stool, Head-Halter, Pelvic & Thoracic Belts.

* Power Supply: 220-240 V AC. (use stabilizer).