IMI-2831 Hand Exercise Work Station

IMI-2831 IMI-2831 Hand Exercise Work Station "NIRMAL":

Tubular steel frame table with laminated top is fitted with Pulleys, Leather loops, Nylon cord & Weights for Fingers, Hand, Wrist & Forearm exercises. Especially for Metacarpophalangeal / Interphalangeal joints. Also provided with Wrist Roller, Supinator / Pronator & Wrist-Circumduction handles for Grip & Wrist exercises. 


  • Table: Tubular Steel frame table with laminated top, Size; 60 cm x 75 cm x 75 cm high.  For Finger & Grip Exercises; 
  • Pulleys: 6 (Six) Nylon pulleys, fitted in Steel Frame with Powder coated finish.   
  • :12 leather Loops with a Nylon cord that passes through the Pulleys for Finger exercises. 
  • Weight Hangers: Six, Weight Hangers with Pulleys underneath the Table to hang weights. 
  • Weight: Five sets, each set consists of 5 weights of one each of 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500grams. Weights with a hole to hang, have Chrome finished.  For Wrist Exercises: 
Wrist Roller
: An aluminium roller with handles for supination-pronation & wrist circumduction is provided for wrist exercises.    
: Wrist-Roller is provided with a resistance adjustment knob.     
: Degree of Rotation can be measured and recorded. 
  • Finish: Metal parts with Powder coating finish.