IMI 2895 Rehab Trainer

Rehab Trainer for Hand-knee Cycle, Manual (Adult Size)

This unique Upper & Lower Extremity Cycle accommodate users with varying abilities. Based on German technology it allows the user to passively work their lower body while actively working their upper body or vice-versa.


  • Construction: Heavy Steel Frame for exceptional stability & fitted with heavy-duty Ball-bearings for easy operation.
  • Angle Adjustment: Working Angle of the Cycle can be adjusted from 45 to 85 degrees for the comfort of the patient.
  • Seat: Padded Seat is adjustable in Height & Distance to accommodate small or tall adults.
  • Back Support: Padded back support is adjustable in Height & Distance for the patient's comfort.  
  • Resistance: A control knob adjusts resistance with a very low start-up load.    
  • Display: A fitness computer displays and monitors Time, Distance, Speed, and Calories.
  • Foot Hold: Foot-hold Paddles with straps are provided to hold the foot.   
  • Accessories: Unit comes with One set of Hand holding mitts and Foothold plates.