IMI-2901 Quadriceps Exercise Table/Bench with Backrest.

Quadriceps Table (Model-Nirmala) with One Torque unit is designed with Backrest for the effective administration of progressive resistance exercises to the Knee joints muscle groups. Both QUADRICEPS & HAMSTRINGS can be exercised without changing the position of the patient.  Also useful for Shoulder and Elbow exercises. 


  • Torque Unit: ONE set, (for Left OR Right Leg). Resistance Arms is calibrated so that resistance can be varied from  Minimum, 1/2, 3/4 to Maximum without adding weights, the unit consists two lever arms, one of which hold the  Weights while the other arm with shin foam roller provides contact with the patient's leg.
  • Goniometry: A degree scale is provided on the torque unit to measure and record the range of motion from either Direction.
  • Seat & Armrests: Fixed height, Foam padded Seat is fitted with height adjustable Arm-rests.
  • Backrest: Foam padded back can be positioned from vertically to horizontally for more exercise options.
  • Stabilizing Straps: Provided with torso & thigh straps for patient safety. 
  • Resistance: By changing the angle between the two arms, maximum or minimum resistance can be given without adding Weight. 
  • Weight Plates: 2 of 0.5 kg each, & 5 of 1 kg each. Total weight 06 kg. 
  • Size: 70 cm x 80 cm x 135 cm high. 
  • Finish: Frame, with Powder, coated finished. 
  • Torque Unit & working parts with Chrome plated finish.