IMI-3120 Tilt Table Manual

IMI-3120  TILT TABLE, Adult   (Manual, Top Size 195cm Long x 61cm wide):

Manually Operated Tilt Table with foam-padded upholstery, works to standing position manually with easy to turn worm gear arrangement that locks it at any required angle. 


  • Range of Tilt: Adjustable from 0 to 90 degree. 
  • Table Top
: 195cm long x 61cm wide x 80cm high, 
: Tilts on Two heavy-duty Ball bearings   
: Fitted with Tilt angle indicator. 
: Fitted with 35mm thick foam padded upholstery. 
: Fitted with Three, wide straps to hold patient.   
  • Base Frame
: Welded frame is 75mm wide for more stability. 
: Made of Rectangular & 30mm square steel Tubes. 
: Legs fitted with 10cm dia. Lockable Castors.