IMI-3142 CONTINUOUS PASSIVE MOTION UNIT With SIX Mobilization Modes (CPM-Elbow):

Elbow CPM (Model-PANKAJ) is a Micro-Computer controlled unit that represents the latest breakthrough in CPM technology. Solid-state circuitry control panel with highly visual LED Digital readouts allows Flexion and Extension of Elbow joint through a prefixed Range of Motion and Time. Wrist rotation and Wrist roll movement can also be achieved. Unit is fitted on mobile Electrical Jack to adjust height according to patient requirement. Comes with necessary accessories for Supination / Pronation, Wrist Roll and Elbow passive motions. 
* Therapy Modes: SIX, Mobilization Modes for Continuous, Intermittent and Progressive passive movements. 
* ROM Setting : Programmable from 00 to 120deg for Elbow movements. And   : -90 to +90 for Wrist movements.  * Pause Time: Programmable Extension/Flexion Pauses from 00 to 99 seconds. 
* Treatment Time: Programmable from 01 to 99 min. 
* Inching Switch: Flexion or Extension starting position can be set according to the need of the patient.  * Memory/Programme: 80 Pre-set treatment patterns are stored in memory. 
* Open Programmes: 20 programmes are Free to store your own patterns. 
* Displays: Digital display of ROM settings Pause Time, Treatment Time and Graphic display of Mobilization modes. 
* Height Adjustment: Electrically, by Pushbutton switches. 
* Arm Settings: Right or Left arm can be set & exercised by little adjustments. 
* Patient Safety: Patient can stop / Interrupt treatment with handheld switch. 
* Power Supply: 200-240 V AC at 50-60 Hz.