IMI-4818 Pinch-gauge Hydraulic

IMI-4818 Pinch-gauge  Hydraulic

Saehan" Therapeutic Hydraulic Pinch Gauge is designed for both routine screening work and for evaluating trauma or diseased hands. 

* A precision instrument for measuring the fingertip pinch force. 

* Excellent for training and evaluating the pinch ability of the upper extremity prosthesis user. 

* Indicator pin remains at highest level of strength until reset. 

* This unique design frees the patient to perform a true pinch maneuver. 

* The therapist, not the patient, supports the weight of the gauge. 

* The strength testing can be viewed as pounds or kilograms. 

* Includes instructions, Measures pinch force to 45lbs. 

* Each dynamo-meter comes in a rugged carrying case.