Rope Bridge Indoor For Sensory Stimulation (IMI 1326)

IMI-1326  ROPE BRIDGE, INDOOR, for Sensory Stimulation:

A suspension bridge along which the patient walks or runs; the double task consists in avoiding distracting elements.

Designed specifically for children to promote coordination, balance, motor planning skills and upper body strength.

 The Suspension Bridge is 72" long x 24" wide, fitted in a sturdy metal frame with powder-coated finish.

 The Rope Bridge is fitted with 14 solid wooden step planks.

 Planks are 4" (10cm) wide x 2" (5cm) thick.

 Step Stairs are provided on both sides of the Bridge for easy access.

 Top is decorated with Creeper plants.

 Overall Dimensions: About 102" long x 24" wide x 78" high.