Royal Panchakarma Work Station

IMI 2252 Royal Panchakarma Work Station

Sturdily built, sleek & Elegant Abhyanga table top is constructed of mill jointed wooden board with Harwood borders. The table has a slant towards Head-end and Foot-end for collection of oil. Table can be used for Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Nasaya, and Vashpa & Nadi Sweden etc.   


 * Table size: Over-all size is 225cm long x 80cm wide x 80cm high. 
* Construction: Bed made of a jointed wooden board with hand-carved side borders & Legs. 
* Shirodhara Stand: Carved solid Wood stand with storage box is mounted on wheels & comes with a Copper pot, brass chains & hooks to hang. Pot with hammer marks has a bright natural finish. 
* Sweden Yantra: Heavy Aluminum body is fitted with electric heater, pressure gauge, safety pressure Valve & steam flow control valves.  Mounted on wheels. 
* Nadi Sweden: Steam flows from a hand-held nozzle to give proper steam-bath at a point. 
* Steam Dome: Aluminum strip constructed and painted Collapsible Dome for steam-bath. overall Size: Approx.18"x60"x28"  

* Accessories:

One Copper Pot, Three White or off white cotton sheet covers for Steam Dome, Foot Stool & Wooden partition for Steamer.  * Finish: Natural wood polish finish.  * Power: For Steamer, 220V AC. 3kw.