Un-Weigh Mobility Trainer Un-Weighing System With Treadmill

IMI-3204 UN-WEIGH MOBILITY TRAINER (Un-Weighing System, with Treadmill):

The IMI Un-weighing Trainer enables partial weight-bearing therapy to be conducted with the assurance of patient Comfort and Safety, with convenient access to the patient for manual observation and assistance. The electrical un-weighing trainer is designed to apply vertical support to remove the stress of bearing body weight; unit digitally controls weight-bearing and promotes proper posture and balance over a treadmill or the ground. The system allows the patient to stand upright and use both arms freely. Harnesses give security to patients with limited trunk strength. The adjustable suspension bar adjusts to accommodate tall Children & Adults.  



  • Un-weighing: Can be set 0% to 100% of the body weight, digitally. 
  • Un-weighing System: Electrical, the unit comes with mains operated built-in lift. 
  • Vertical Oscillation: Up to 24", ideal for sit to stand exercises also. 
  • Suspension: Single point, with the 360-degree rotational bar to help patient turn easily. 
  • Control Panel: Digitally displays Patient Body Weight and Un-weighing Weight. 
  • Capacity: 0-120 kg un-weighing range.  * Un-Weighing Harness: Two, Small and Standard size. 
  • Handrails: For patient's support, Adjustable & Removable. 
  • Frame measures: 42"L x 33" wide inside & fitted with Four, 6" lockable wheels. 
  • Power Supply: Unit Operates on 220V AC, with battery back-up system.