IMI-2592 Ultrasound Therapy Unit

IMI-2592 Ultrasound Therapy Unit 

IMI-2592 ULTRASOUND THERAPY UNIT (1Mhz, Digital With Pre Programmed):

Micro-Processor based, computerized ultrasound therapy unit gives you a choice of treatment modes Continuous or in Three Pulsed waveforms. The compact digital unit with a built-in timer and user-friendly control panel gives a wide range of treatment situations.


  • Ultra-Sound Frequency: 1 MHz's + - 10%.
  • Output Mode: Continuous & Pulsed.
  • Pulsed Frequency: Variable, 16Hz, 48Hz, 99Hz.
  • Intensity: Continuous Mode 0 to 2 watts/cm sq. : Pulsed Mode. 0 to 3 watts/cm sq.
  • Programme: 24 Pre-set Programmed Parameters (Intensity, Mode & Time of treatment).
  • Treatment Head: One.
  • Effective Area of Radiation: 5 sq. centimetres.
  • Timer: 01 to 60 minutes adjustable, with Buzzer at the end of time.
  • Display: Two Line digital display of parameters.



  • Ultra-sound Gel bottle.  
  • Power Required: 220V.AC, 50 Hz.