IMI-2801 Shoulder Wheel

IMI-2801 SHOULDER WHEEL with 360* deg. Scale (Wall Mounting):

Shoulder Wheel provides a smooth, easily measured range of movement with variable resistance. A 100 cm diameter, tubular steel constructed Wheel is fitted with Brake drum for Resistance and 360-degree scale for feedback.  


  • Construction: 100 cm diameter, tubular steel constructed Wheel is fitted with Precision machined plastic molded drum & fitted with 127 mm brake pads for resistance. 
  • Movement: Bi-directional operation for shoulder & elbow. 
  • Mounting: Wheel is mounted on Three laminated wall boards. 
  • Arc of Motion: Arc of motion can be varied on Stainless steel arm from 30 cm to 80 cm by fixing handle at the required place.
  • Height Adjustment: Two wallboards are fitted with Two STAINLESS STEEL channels.  (81 cm H x 06 cm W) & Wheel can be raised or lowered by 50 cm to suit each patient. 
  • Resistance: Wheel is fitted with advanced Calibrated Sensitive Resistance mechanism and the resistance is controllable from Zero to Maximum. 
  • Feed-Back: A 360-degree scale is provided on the drum to measure & record the degree of revolution from either direction (for Left or Right Shoulder) for immediate feedback to the patient. 
  • Finish: Powder coated finish with polished Stainless Steel channels. 
  • Wall mountable unit, set includes mounting hardware. 
  •  Manufactured as per ISI standard.
  •  CE marked.