Multi-Sensory Wall Panels develop Tactile, Visual and an Acoustic experience, it promotes fine motor skill building and reinforces eye/hand coordination, colour recognition, tactile stimulation cause/effect logical thinking and more.

* Wall Panel consists 3 Boxes of 120 cm x 120 cm x 15 cm deep to form a long Sensory wall panel.

* Panel Boxes are made of well-polished 18 mm thick Ply-board.

* Top of Panel Boxes are made of 18 mm thick WPC Composite Wood, water & termite-proof.

* Gadgets fixed on Wall Panels are;

1, Full-length Track on all boards with Six Tracking Disks & destination spots.

2, Construct a Clock with magnetic Numbers in different shapes & colours.

3, Large Abacus with 25 mm thick beads.

4, Acrylic Tunnel, 1 meter long with 10 racing balls different colours.

5, Road Signals (Red, Yellow & Green) with a Rotary Switch to move the signals.

6, LED Chain Board with magic lights, 45 cm high.

7, Wooden Gears, 3 Interlinked Gears of 15 cm diameter & finished in different colours.

8, Matrix Boards set with programmed 4 Pen Drives to teach Counting, Alphabet, Geometric Shapes & to see Cartoon Films.

9, LED Rotating Light Circle of 10 cm diameter fitted with Bell Switch.

10, Tactile Stimulation, Four 15 cm round disks with fine to coarse surfaces.

11, Audible Stimulation, Squeezing Cycle Horn, Electric Bell, & Plates are provided to create different sounds.

12, Sound-Activated Light can be operated with any kind of sound.

13, Roller Apparatus with Balls & Bells.

14, Doors & Latches, doors are fitted with different hardware.

15, Spinners, Two different spinners to move & enjoy.

16, Magnetic Vault, find a way to move the diamond in the vault.

17, Magnetic toys to play or arrange.

18, Floor Mats, A set of 8 EVA foam mats are provided to cover 32 sq. feet area under the Panels.‚ 

* Panel is mountable on the wall at a suitable height for easy access of children.

* Overall Size; Measure approximately 360 cm long x 120 cm High x 15 cm Deep.

* Panel is supplied with wall fixing hardware.

* The Sensory Wall Panel operates on 240 V AC, transformed to 12 V.

NOTE: There might be a little difference between the products fitted on the Panels.