IMI 3204 Un-Weigh Mobility Trainer

Imi-3204  Un-weigh Mobility Trainer  (Un-weighing System, W/o. Treadmill):
  • The Imi Un-weighing Mobility Trainer Enables Partial Weight-bearing Therapy to Be Conducted With the Assurance of Patient Comfort and Safety, and With Convenient Access to the Patient for Manual Observation and Assistance.
  • The Electrical Un-weighing Trainer is Designed to Apply Vertical Support to Remove the Stress of Bearing Body Weight; the Unit Digitally Controls Weight-bearing and Promotes Proper Posture and Balance Over a Treadmill or the Ground.
  • The System Allows the Patient to Stand Upright and Use Both Arms Freely. Harnesses Give Security to Patients With Limited Trunk Strength. The Adjust-table Suspension Bar Adjusts to Accommodate Tall Children & Adults.