IMI-870 WHEEL CHAIR Folding Recline Back Super DLX

IMI-870 WHEELCHAIR, Folding With Recline Back & Removable Armrest / Legrest
           (Super DLX):

An adult foldable deluxe wheelchair with strong leatherette made Seat & Recline able Back comes with extra-long Head support. The Elevating, Detachable and Swing-away Leg Rests with large Leg supports allows comfortable positioning of the patient and detachable Armrests allows easy transfer from the bed. Rear wheels are fitted with self-propelling rings & forward push safety/parking brakes. 


* Frame: Strong tubular frame of 22mm dia. tube. Side frames fold easily on central tube thing. 
 * Seat & Back: 45cm wide, folding & washable. 
 : Seat height from floor 51-52cm.   
 * Back: Recline-able back with extra-long Head support for comfortable positioning. 
* Armrest: Detachable Armrests (for easy transfer with Skirt Guard & Arm-Supports. 
* Leg-rest: Detachable, Elevating and Swing-away Leg-rests with Leg supports. 
* Front Wheel: 20cm dia. Casters with solid tyres. 
* Rear Wheel: 60cm dia. with solid Tyres.
* Push-Rims: Rear wheels are fitted with Push rims. 
* Break: Forward Push safety/parking Breaks. 
* Finish: Chrome-plated finish. 
* Load Capacity: 80 kgs.