Imi-910 Wheelchair Adult Folding With Aluminum Frame

Imi-910 Wheelchair  Adult Folding With Aluminum Frame

An adult, folding wheelchair of an aluminium tubular frame fitted with strong double-fold leatherette made Seat & Back. Rear wheels are fitted with self-propelling rings & forward push safety brakes. 
* Frame: Aluminum Tubular frame with a bright finish. 
* Seat: 45cm wide, leatherette made Seat & Back. 
* Back: Folds in middle for easy transport. 
* Armrest: Detachable with Skirt Guard & Arm Supports. 
* Leg-rest: Detachable, Swing-away, with Leg support belt. 
* Front Wheel: 20cm dia. Casters, with Tyres. 
* Rear Wheel: 60cm dia. with cycle Tyres & Rings.  * Breaks.: Forward Push safety Breaks.