Traditional Massage Table Wooden

Imi-2250 Traditional Massage Table Wooden

Hardwood constructed Massage table has a slanted & curved, wooden top for a full body oil massage and Shirodhara. It can be used for Abhyanga, Shirodhara & Nasyam, etc.     
* Dharapathy: Sturdily built, sleek & elegantly constructed of a wooden board with a wooden rim all around.  * Oil-Pot: Head end has a special design wooden pot for oil collecting. 
* Top Size: 290cm x79cm x 15cm high.(Total height 80cm).  

* Stand for Dharapathy: Built to bear the weight of pathy + patient & provided with hand-crafted wooden legs with a shelf for storage of Oil bottles & Towels etc.   
* Accessories: One, buckets for oil collection. 
* Finish: Available in natural wood polish or of the color of your choice.