WHIRLPOOL BATH (Large Size:120cm x 60cm x 60cm deep) (IMI-2507)

IMI-2507 Whirlpool Bath (Size:120cm x 60cm x 60cm deep):

Whirl-Pool bath made of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet is sturdily fabricated with a bright finish inside. Unit is fitted with a motorized turbine ejector and aerator on a spring-loaded turbine elevator, digital temperature indicator cum controller and immersion heater. Large size Whirl-pool is long, shallow & accessible to fit a variety of individual needs. Designed to treat the entire body, the unit can be beneficial for those suffering from Hip & Back conditions as well as upper Back, Neck & Shoulder problems.


  • Construction: 1.6mm thick Stainless Steel Sheet Tank (SS grade 304) is continuously welded with Argon Gas Arc welding and mounted on 10cm dia. 4 heavy-duty casters.
  • Turbine: Turbine Ejector-Aerator is powered by a vertically mounted 1/2 hp electric Motor & mounted on a spring-loaded Turbine elevator for height adjustment.  
  • Size: 120cm long x 60cm wide x 60cm deep inside the Tank
  • Water Heater: 2kw. Special Heater, with cover.
  • Temp. Control: Digital Temperature Indicator.